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Here is an unsorted collection of pictures of different snails. I plan to organise this page once I have plenty of time ;o).

Limnaea1aLimnaea2Limnaea stagnalis






Lithoglyphus1a Lithoglyphus naticoides








AplexaOL2Aplexa hypnorum from a pond near Oldenburg in NW Germany. The specimen lived for one summer in my aquarium.









HolandriaCetinaImotskiHolandriana holandrii I found at different localities, the first group is from SE Austria, the second from the Cetina River in Croatia and the third from the Kolpa in Slovenia.




UKRspec1aUKRspec2aIn the Southern Bug in the Ukraine I found Borysthenia naticina.









MelanKolpaAnother snail from Croatia, from the surrounding of the city Imotski, is Emericia patula.








AmpullariaAnd finally a tropical apple snail from the pet shop, I have no idea about origin or species (essay writing).