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Gudgeons are cyprinid fishes of the subfamily Gobioninae. Their distribution area compasses most of Eurasia. The opinions about their taxonomy and species number vary considerably, some ichthyologists consider all European gudgeons to belong to one genus (Gobio) with three subgenera (Gobio, Romanogobio and Rheogobio), while others accept these three taxa as valid genera. Here I follow the subgenus attempt, since it is used in the most recent and important publications about gudgeons (Kottelat 1997, Banarescu 1999). The subgenus is indicated in brackets in the scientific names. Regarding the species, Kottelat and Banarescu do not agree in the validity of several species. Recently, one new species, Gobio pentatrichus, was described by Naseka & Bogutskaya (1998) from the Kuban river. One genus and species, Pseudorasbora parva, is introduced to Europe.


Here you can see pictures of different gudgeon which I have taken during the last years.

Gobio (Gobio) gobio

gobioLibechov GobiogobioTisza3 gobioItaly Rhone

The common gudgeon is a widespread species in Europe and I had specimens from different localities. On the first picture you see one from the Elbe River in Czech Republic, on the second one specimen from a tributary of the Tisza River in eastern Slowakia spielen roulette kostenlos online roulett. The specimen on picture three came from northern Italy, here G. gobio is considered to be introduced. The last fish came from the Rhone River in France.

Gobio (Gobio) benacensis


This species is endemic to northern Italy, we met it due to the kind help of Dr. G. B. Delmastro from Museum Carmagnola. In comparison to G. gobio it has a broader head, more pronounced horizontal bands and the anus is closer to the ventral fins than to the anal fin. Besides, they die much more easy than G. gobio when transported.

Gobio (Romanogobio) albipinnatus

albipinnatusODER belingiLibechov

The whitefin gudgeon, Gobio albipinnatus, was long time believed to occur only in eastern Europe, but during the last years was found also in Germany in the Rivers Rhine, Elbe and Odra. The left specimen was caught in the german stretch of the river Odra. Only a few weeks ago, we managed to find the first specimens of this species in the Czech stretch of the Elbe, one of these specimens is pictured on the right photo. Obviously, the species is distributing fast.

Gobio (Gobio) microlepidotus

microlepidotus1klein microlepidotus2

Gobio microlepidotus from Lake Beysehir in Anatolia was given to me by friends who obtained it from a turkish fisherman. The species is one of 13 endemic fish species of Lake Beysehir, like Chondrostoma beysehirense, Cobitis bilseli and Gobio hettitorum. It growth only to 10 cm total length and makes a nice aquarium pet.


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Naseka A.M., N.G. Bogutskaya 1998. A new gudgeon species Romanogobio pentatrichus (Gobioninae, Cyprinidae) from the basin of the Kuban River. Voprosy Ikhtiol. 38: 173-181.