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Sorry, this page is still under construction and not filled yet with information. But to give you at least an idea about what kind of fishes will be displayed here I insert a few picture of my favorite fishes, the mudminnows.

Ukrameri1 Ukrameri2 Ukrameri3 Ukrameri4 Ukrameri5

The European mudminnow, Umbra krameri in different pictures. The second picture shows a jung specimen, while the last picture is a grandma of six years and 13 cm TL.


Here a specimen of Umbra pygmaea with blue anal fin, maybe the result of a hybridisation with U. limi. Several of such specimens were found in a garden pond that contained both species.

Scale1 Scale2

Age determination in mudminnows: The left picture shows a body scale in nomal light, the right picture shows the same scale in phase-contrast light. The year ring is more clear visible. The specimen (a Umbra pygmaea from a german field population) was caught in winter.

Here you may find my list of literature about Umbra, Novumbra and Dallia.

Here you have access to some early articles I wrote about mudminnows:

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