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Ludwig, A, J. Becker & J. Bohlen

Small differences in cytochrome b sequences within the genus Sabanejewia

Folia Zoologica 49 Suppl. 1: 85-90

Folia Zoologica 49 Suppl. 1: 85-90 (2000)

Small differences in Cytochrome-b sequences within the genus Sabanejewia

Ludwig A., J. Becker & J. Bohlen



Partial mitochondrial tRNAGlu and Cytochrome-b (Cyt-b ) sequences of the following taxa were used for distance calculations: Sabanejewia romanica, S. vallachica, S. bulgarica, S. radnensis, S. montana, S. larvata, S. sp. and three populations of S. balcanica. Large values of genetic similarity were observed between all analysed golden loaches. Calculations of the Tajima‑Nei distances and the algorithms of Neighbor‑Joining (NJ) leads to a basal position of S. larvata. In a second step, S. montana was also separated. The NJ-tree showed two ingroups: 1) S. romanica, S. balcanica 1+2 and S. radnensis and 2) S. vallachica, S. balcanica 1+3, S. bulgarica and S. sp. The separation of the ingroups has only limited support by weak bootstrap values. Small sequence differences found in this study were in contrast to morphological characters and pigmentation patterns described in previous studies.


Key words: golden loach, molecular phylogeny, genetic similarity