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Bohlen, J.

Influence of salinity on early development in the spined loach

Journal of Fish Biology 55: 189-198

Journal of Fish Biology 55: 189-198 (1999)

Influence of salinity on the early development in the spined loach, Cobitis taenia

Bohlen J.



Spined loach Cobitis taenia developed successfully between 0.12 and 4.80 ‰ salinity. At 6.00 ‰ S net production was strongly reduced, and development failed at or above 7.20 ‰. Below 0.12 ‰, net production became variable, indicating restrictive effects. In comparison with other primary freshwater fish species C. taenia has a low sensitivity to salinity. The upper limit for early development was equal to the highest salinity under which C. taenia adults are found along the Baltic coast. Therefore, salinity should not limit early development within the brackish habitats of spined loach.


Key words: Cobitis, early development, salinity, larval ecology, environmental stress